African American Hair Braiding Styles That Rock!

African American Hair Braiding Styles That Rock

African American hair braiding styles has expanded across the world to capture the beauty of braids.  At one time wearing braids to the workplace was seen as taboo and discouraged.  Today, you can not step into a facility, travel across the world or walk down the street without seeing a beautiful head of braids.

The beauty of braids is the versatility it gives you.  There are so many hairstyles, colors and textures you can use to create the look you want.  Some black women prefer to rock their own natural hair when it comes to braids.  They usually do this by wearing cornrows, plaits, french braids, side braids, etc.   Others tend to get extensions to accent and provide longevity to the hairstyle.  Once a person decides to add extensions to her hair the sky really is the limit  to what you can create.

Some of the African American hair braiding styles you may be familiar with include the following:

Cornrows consist of using three strands to braid:

1.  These braids can be worn straight back, braided to the end.

2.  Cornrows can be worn to the side or at an angle.  If you decide to add extensions they call this feeding cornrows.

3.  Cornrows can be braided big or small to create a different look.

4.  They can be braided up into a mohawk, with hair left out.

5.  Cornrows are commonly seen with different design patterns.


Flat Twists are similar to cornrows in they way they look.  The biggest difference is the technique.  Instead of three strands, you only use two.

1.  Flat twists can be work straight back or the side.

2.  Flat twists can be worn into a ponytail

3.  Flat twists are easy to create, but many times they don’t seem to last as long as cornrows.


Human hair braids and synthetic hair braiding styles can take on a life of its on.

1.  Micro-braids is a common African American hair style you see with human hair.  Typically the hair is braided half of the way and left to hang straight at the ends.  Many people like this look.

2.  When you decide to use human hair braids or synthetic hair you open yourself to many textures of hair that you can use from – straight, kinky, waxy, deep wave and curly.

3.  Using this braiding technique you can decide to get kinky twist braids.

4.  Lacing is another technique used with these human hair that gives the effect of no braids at all.  The lacing technique looks more like free flowing hair,with just a portion of your hair braided at the root.

Weave Braiding is the most popular form of braids today.  The thing about weave braids is that you do not see your braids at all because hair has been sewn /weaved to the braid itself.  There are so many styles for weave braiding that whatever you look you are trying to accomplish can be done.

African American hair braiding styles are unlimited and convenient.  You want to make sure you take care of your hair by not having the braids too tight.  The objective for most black women is to give their hair a break and see growth.  They only way to do this is to make sure you understand proper hair care with braids and maintenance.





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