Be Huetiful Hair Steamer Does It Really Work?

Be Huetiful Hair Steamer Does It Really Work?

The Be Huetiful Hair Steamer is a hair steamer that hydrates and moisturizes your hair fives (5x) times more than just using your conditioner alone.

I am a big fan of steam treatments especially if you are relaxed, natural, transitioning or have color in your hair.  I guess everyone would be able to fit in one of these categories.

Anyway, I’ve been using steam hydration treatments on my hair for over 11 years.  I started using this type of treatment after I realized that sitting under a traditional hair dryer for 15-20 minutes with a conditioner dries my hair out; and unfortunately this process negated the purpose of having a treatment at all.

I started researching and came across my first experience with a hair steamer in 2003.  It was very similar to facial steam treatments except it is for my hair.  If you have ever had a facial with steam you will know that your skin feels soft, supple, refreshed and moist.  Well, that’s exactly how my hair felt after my conditioning treatment.  It was full of moisture and easy to detangle.  I could immediately feel and see a difference.

The best part is once I started having regular treatments my hair was shinier, softer, healthier and not as fragile.  I could also continue getting color because I had a tool that would keep my hair from drying and becoming brittle.

Now, the bad news is that every time I went to the salon I had to shell out between $20-$30 for a steam hydration treatment.  That gets a bit expensive if you’re visiting the salon 2-3 times a month.  So, I decided to invest in myself and purchase my own steamer.  Not only would this save me money but I could treat my hair with the best care every week.

The Be Huetiful Hair Steamer is perfect if you want to really take care of your hair.  It’s inexpensive and it’s easy to setup and install.  I absolutely love it and think it is one of the best products of the decade.

The Be Huetiful Hair Steamer not only hydrates the hair but it strengthens the hair by replenishing it with moisture.  Many times we lose moisture due to flat irons and blow dryers, keratin treatments and over processing with chemicals like color and relaxers.

For me personally my steamer is a must have.  As a matter of fact my hair regimen consists of weekly hydration treatments with different oils and conditioners to strengthen my hair.

Hope this was helpful and Stay Naturally Beautiful!

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