Natural Hair Type: Do You Know Yours?

Natural Hair Type: Do You Know Yours?

It’s important to know your natural hair type so that you can properly care for your hair.  Knowing your hair type will guide you in deciding what products would work best on your hair and also which hairstyles are likely the cutest and easiest to replicate.

Part of going natural is taking the time to understand your hair and it’s needs.  Just like in life the more you understand something or someone the easier they are to deal with and make happy – the same rule applies to your beautiful tresses.

To see each hair type category you can refer to the great video above to see images of the different types and subcategories.  This will help you decide where you are on the chart.

What Is A Natural Hair Type?

The natural hair type system was created by Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey’s personal hair stylist, to help all hair textures identify what products are best for their hair type.

This system has been adopted by natural hair enthusiasts across the world to help them identify the type of hair they have on their head.

Natural Hair Type Categories:

There are four main natural hair type categories – straight, wavy, curly, coily .  Each category has 3 subcategories known as a,b or c.  Remember, when identifying your hair type you must observe it in it’s natural state – no products or chemicals.

Natural Hair Type 1:  Straight (subcategories a,b, c)

This hair type, straight, has the most natural sheen reflection of all types.  It is very strong and is less likely to experience damage to the natural oil it produces on its own. This hair type has a tendency to moisturize itself from the scalp to the ends. Due to the production of oil and moisture it protects the hair and prevents it from breaking.

Natural Hair Type 2:  Wavy (subcategories a,b, c)

Wavy hair is between straight and curly hair types.  This hair type reflects sheen and holds moisture very well.  Wavy natural hair types are strong for the most part and are less likely to break easily.

Natural Hair Type 3:  Curly (subcategories a,b,c)

Curly natural hair types are very distinctive.  They have a “S’ ” type curl and/or pattern.  This “S” curl can be an uppercase or lowercase “s”.  Sometimes this curl pattern is in the form of a “Z”.  The “Z” pattern is usually a combination of 3c/4a.

This hair type has lots of volume and is more likely to frizz due to humidity.

Natural Hair Type 4:  Coily/Kinky (subcategories a, b,c)

This natural hair type is the most fragile of them all.  The hair strands are very delicate and most times dry.

Due to the lack of moisture the coily curls/kinky hair type needs to be handled delicately and it needs to stay moisturized and hydrated to prevent breakage and damage.

Main stream would have you to believe that this hair type does not grow, but as natural enthusiasts we know differently.  This hair type will grow as long as it’s being cared for properly.

Hope this has been helpful and enlightening.  To get additional information and examples about each hair type just click on the highlighted text.  Enjoy and stay Naturally Beautiful!








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